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The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV), Foundation for East Sea Studies (FESS) and the Vietnam Lawyers’ Association (VLA) are pleased to host the 7th South China Sea International Conference: “Cooperation for Regional Security and Development” on 23-24 November 2015 in Vung Tau city, Viet Nam.




As did our previous conferences on the South China Sea, this year we invite a world-class group of approximately 30 experts to make presentations, and will invite about 200-250 senior officials, business executives, experts, academics and diplomats to participate in the discussion.


This 7th Gathering aims to provide participants a special opportunity to assess the current situation in the South China Sea from an interdisciplinary perspective and to consider and to discuss measures to maintain peace and stability in the area and to promote cooperation. To that end, this 7th Conference will comprise sessions as follows:


  • Developments in the World and Its Implications for the South China Sea
  • Developments in and around the South China Sea
  • Major Powers Interactions in the South China Sea
  • International Law
  • The Way forward
  • Simulation: Settlement, Delimitation and Joint Developments in the South China Sea

Click here for Invitation letter and Tentative Programme

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